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We're thrilled to share some of our favorite projects with you. Constantly experimenting and pushing creative boundaries, we're always up for a new challenge. Don't hesitate to let us know if you'd like to see more, and be sure to check out our Instagram for even more inspiration.

Black Ice

Experience the captivating story that we helped bring to life through our collaboration with director Richard Bullock. Utilizing a range of animation and illustration techniques, we were thrilled to be awarded the prestigious D&AD 2022 award. Watch the full film here.

Tumi Kinetic

We brought Tumi's new fragrance, Kinetic, to life with a bold launch campaign. Our team delivered a captivating live action/CGI integrated hero film, along with a full CGI film and billboard-sized print media. Our goal was to infuse the campaign with Kinetic's energy and urban vibe, and capture its essence on both film and print. 

Mind Games

We crafted a complete launch campaign for the new perfume, Mind Games. Our team brought the fragrance to life through a captivating live action/CGI integrated hero film, and 10 distinct films, each for a unique bottle. The campaign also included billboard resolution prints that showcased the perfume in all its glory.

Tommy Hilfiger

We collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on their Pass it On Campaign, creating all supporting graphics and animations. The project was a creative playground, allowing us to explore a variety of styles and elements to bring the campaign to life.

Omega Ultra Deep

We were tasked with bringing adventurer Victor Vescovo's historic journey around the globe to life through a series of stunning map animations. We collaborated with The Alpha Studio & Omega to complement their rich pioneering background, showcasing the beauty and complexity of the planet we call home. 

Denham Jeans

We explored the denim manufacturing process in incredible macro detail through an experimental CGI film. We used a mixture of photogrammetry and VFX to bring this process to life in a way that's both mesmerizing and informative. The viewer gets a glimpse of this fascinating world and the intricate details that go into creating your favorite pair of jeans.

Redemption Rum

Experience the origins of Redemption Rum like never before in our dark and moody full CGI film. Journey through the dawn of life and the birth of African gold, as we explore the roots of this proudly African spirit. Let our immersive visuals and stirring soundtrack transport you to a world where redemption is within reach.

Rotoscope experiments

Our 2D rotoscope experiments may look simple, but the technique involved is anything but. It's a true test of patience, with each frame hand-painted in layers before being composited in After Effects to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. We love the unique results.

Three Ships Whisky

Commissioned to collaborate on a whisky commercial, we created the top and tail of the film, capturing the rich color and flavor of the product.

Ritual CBD

Ritual CBD's fun and fruity flavors come to life in our latest short CGI product launch film. Showcasing the brand's colorful aesthetic, we've created a visually captivating experience that will leave you wanting more.

Woolworths Beauty

We took on the edit and motion design for Woolworths' new beauty campaign, creating multiple films and deliverables that demanded a unique and expert approach.

Rich Mnisi x Woolworths

This one was an absolute blast. We had the opportunity to craft some truly wild visuals for a live shoot with an incredibly talented designer. We were thrilled to be able to elevate the creative vision to the next level.

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