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2022 Reel

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Visual Storytelling

We bring ideas to life with a range of creative services, from concept to post-production. Whether it's motion design, 2D and 3D animation, or full CGI and VFX, our talented team delivers exceptional work that exceeds expectations. With a keen eye for detail and passion for creativity, we'll help you craft something remarkable that captivates your audience. Let's bring your vision to life together.

Featured Projects

Black Ice - On Running

Experience the captivating story that we helped bring to life through our collaboration with director Richard Bullock. Utilizing a range of animation and illustration techniques, we were thrilled to be awarded the prestigious D&AD 2022 award for this film about Akwasi Frimpong's life. Watch the full film here.

Tumi Kinetic

We brought Tumi's new fragrance, Kinetic, to life with a bold launch campaign. Our team delivered a captivating live action/CGI integrated hero film, along with a full CGI film and billboard-sized print media. Our goal was to infuse the campaign with Kinetic's energy and urban vibe, and capture its essence on both film and print. 

Mind Games

We crafted a complete launch campaign for the new perfume, Mind Games. Our team brought the fragrance to life through a captivating live action/CGI integrated hero film, and 10 distinct films, each for a unique bottle. The campaign also included billboard resolution prints that showcased the perfume in all its glory.

Redemption Rum

Experience the origins of Redemption Rum like never before in our dark and moody full CGI film. Journey through the dawn of life and the birth of African gold, as we explore the roots of this proudly African spirit. Let our immersive visuals and stirring soundtrack transport you to a world where redemption is within reach. 

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